The third Atari 1040ST (#3)

Atari 1040STFM #3

The third Atari 1040ST of my collection, is (similar to the first one) again an STFM, so the version including the RF modulator.

Technical Data

RAM1MB (2 banks 512 kB each, each with 4 Chips)
BoardC103175 Rev.1
Serial NumberA192V4008834M
FloppySony MP-F11W-5DU
TOS1.02 (original)
StateSlightly yellowed, keyboard with more yellowing, quite good general state. No damages. Keyboard not working
RemarksTOS in 1M Chips (2 pcs), other 4 places without sockets.

The motherboard of this ST is a more recent revision - some of the custom chips are already soldered as SMD variants, the 1MB RAM is available as 4 MBit chips.

The ST is in a fairly good condition: the case is hardly yellowed, but the keyboard is, and it is not working at all - it does not respond to a single button. The floppy disk drive is from Sony this time.

Also this device will remain as it is (except for thorough cleaning), all modifications will be postponed to a later point in time.

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