The next Atari 1040ST (#2)

Atari 1040STFM #2 Board Rev

For reasons that I do not remember anymore today, I bought two more 1040s shortly after the first one. At similar low prices as the first device (EUR 20, - to 30, -), but this time without a monitor.

Technical Data

RAM1MB (2 banks 512 kB each, each with 16 Chips)
BoardC070789-001 Rev D
Serial NumberA183K4124567M
FloppyEpson SMD-480L (DD)
TOS1.02 (original)
Stateslightly yelowed, very good state. No damages.
RemarksTOS in 1M Chips (2 pcs), other 4 places with socketsl. Upper case from 1040STFM, lower case and motherboard is a STF

Device #2 is an STF (without M), i.e. it has no RF modulator installed and therefore can not be connected via the antenna socket to a TV. As a side effect, the composite video signal at the 13pol monitor socket is missing.

and it apparently got a new case, at least the top cover. The upper half of the case is from a STFM, but the lower half fits the motherboard, i.e. belongs to an STF without modulator.

Otherwise it is quite similar to the first 1040 of my collection: same board revision, same TOS 1.02 in 2 chips, good overall condition. It also has an Epson disk drive, but a different model.

This one will stay the way it is.

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