The high resolution monitor Atari SM124

Atari SM124 Label

The SM124 was a sensation around the mid 80s. High-resolution and flicker-free - a true professional monitor. 640x400 pixels in black and white at 72Hz picture refresh rate do not look particularly sensational today, but in the late 80's it was.

With 12 "(approx. 30cm), the monitor is not exactly big. Compared to a standard TV which was usually used as a monitor, the SM124 was in terms of ergonomics and workmanship, however pure luxury.

Well, it was only b&w, so without color - not so good for games (although there were very good games in b&w for the ST). But the ST has clearly become a professional system, especially in Germany. Well positioned for DTP, CAD and especially for the music sector (MIDI, notation).

Such a monochrome monitor was not only sufficient, but even ideal.

Technical Data

Resolution640x400 pixel, monochrom (s/w)
FrequenciesHor.izontal Frequency 35.7 kHz, Refresh Rate 72 Hz
Serial NumberN19C4537672
Size12“ (30,48cm), 32,5 x 30,6 x 28,1 cm
Weightca. 8 kg
StateVery yellowed, stickers and scratches. No damages.

Who wanted to play, of course, needed a color monitor - e.g. the Atari SC1224 (but this one I will introduce later).

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