My Vintage Computer Museum

Atari 8bit/16bit

Over time, an overview of my collection of retro / vintage computers will be described here.

I focus mainly on the so-called home computers of the 80s. One focus is clearly the company Atari - my favorite! But also Commodore, Apple and Sinclair computers are available.

Currently in stock - and waiting for a major restoration 🙂

  • several ATARI  260ST, 520ST,1040ST(FM), e.g. 1040STFM #1, 1040STF #2, 1040STFM #3
  • two monochrome monitors: SM124 #1, and #2
  • several ATARI Mega ST1, ST2 and ST4
  • one Mega STE
  • one TT030
  • one 1040STE
  • two Commodore C64
  • one Texas Instruments TI-99/4A

I have already repaired and "refreshed" a few of them, some even upgraded with first goodies. But many are "still in the waiting room".

Let's start with my "first-time", a 1040STFM. Exactly the model, I used (and loved) as a teenager. The Atari has to be replaced during my university time (around 1995/96) with a PC - unfortunately, there was no way around it ...

BTW: this 1040ST did not resemble its original state: built into a PC desktop case, memory expanded, HD floppy built in, internal SCSI hard drive, built-in PC emulator (386). At least that's what I remember.

I am still mad at me today that I did not keep this unique item, but sold it.

Well, about 3 years ago I bought  a well-preserved 1040STFM with monitor on eBay for about EUR 20 - and the retro hobby began.

Oh yes, try to buy this on eBay today for such a cheap price - have fun! The prices for retro hardware are getting ridiculously high. be continued...

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