Gigatron – “in da house”

Finally I needed a case for the Gigatron. But I had to "design" it myself.

The Gigatron was available as a kit from the developers until the beginning / middle of 2020, including a beautiful wooden case with a glass lid. The case was specially made for the Gigatron and with the appropriate cutouts for the connections.

I decided on a so-called object frame (or 3D frame). This is like a picture frame with a raised frame, e.g. to arrange small objects (objects) there. It was not easy to find a suitable size for the Gigatron.

The dimensions of the board are 23.5cm x 16cm. You need about 1.5-2.5cm in height, depending on whether you want to give the board little feet or not. Unfortunately, this does not fit into the usual sizes for picture frames. After a long search I decided on a frame with 20cm x 25cm (internal dimensions). With 6cm of height, it is a bit oversized, but better than too small.

The rear connections must of course be accessible via appropriate cutouts in the frame. Therefore, the thickness of the frame should not be too big. With my frame it is only about 5mm. The frame is also not made of wood, but of a kind of pressed cardboard - but with a wooden look.

Due to the somewhat oversized size, the accessories (USB power supply unit, cable, PS/2 adapter) and, if necessary, the manual also fit into it.

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