The whole world of Retro Computing - 70s, 80s und 90s.

Vintage Computing aka Retro Computing are synonymes for dealing with home computers of the 70s, 80s and early 90s - right before the „IBM compatible“ PCs replace and displace all these beautiful old computers.

Atari, Commodore, Texas Instruments, Sinclair, as well as Apple are the companies from this era.

This site describes my hobby: collecting vintage computers, to repair, restore and preserve this historical part of technology. Besides describing what I own (yes, of course I am a bit proud of what I own) I focus on challenges I have faced, and try to provide tips & tricks during repair and restoration of these sometimes more than 25 years old computers. My goal is always to make them work again - of course they also shall look good again (if possible).

I wish you a lot of fun while exploring my site!


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